A Pair of Shorts #4

Semi-skimmed coconut-vanilla
By: James

Health-conscious are we,
somewhat jaded and slim, but
skimmed makes us leaner

I think this is a haiku, though I don’t personally care for such contrivances. However, given that this very project is a virtual exercise in self-indulgence, I’m willing to take a more relaxed approach. We’ll call it a compromise.

I’ll make another attempt:

Ooh, I worry, as
Coconut might well overwhelm
Poor vanilla so

Acceptable, this?
I fear that coconut and
Vanilla won’t go

Maybe a milkshake
Vanilla the main flavour
A coconut hint?

Aren’t haikus generally self contained entities and never combined into sequence? I’m not sure.

I fear that this has gone terribly wrong. I’ll go back to simple flowing prose next time.


Ada had a severe case of sciatica which, although painful, rather complimented her position as top Motability scooter saleswoman in her region
By: Lydia Crow

…but she still wasn’t happy.  Her success was tainted by the very thing that had plagued her for all this time; indeed it stemmed from it.

How could she delight in such a hollow victory?

She was sure fate was laughing at her and so, after much deliberation, she gave up her esteemed position, turned her back on her accomplishments and enrolled in a convent.

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