Subtitles Sadly Lacking

By: Lydia Crow


Timothy was born on the first day of June, 1997.

His best friend, Sebastian, was a mute. After school, they would watch American movies from the 1980s at Seb’s house. Seb’s parents were always warm and kind and the house was peaceful.

Timothy always preferred what was said in silences with Seb than the nothings he heard around him the rest of the time.

He hated the incessant, meaningless chatter of his self-absorbed parents and blocked out the hurtful jibes of the children in his class, each of whom were always keen to be the first to be cruel in case they themselves would be mocked.

One day, Timothy was asked to read aloud in class. He stumbled over a word and the children all laughed at him. The teacher did nothing.

Timothy envied Seb for his enforced silence.

Timothy died on the first day of December, 2010. He took twelve of his classmates with him. At his funeral, Seb wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the words ‘Silence and Accountability’.


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