A Recipe for Peace

By: Hugin


The first fall of snowflakes in Winter,
The soft warmth of the Summer sun,
The first fruit to be picked in Autumn,
The cobweb perfectly spun.

The skipping firstborn lamb of the Spring,
The first carol at Christmastide,
The first note of a bird’s sweet love song,
Winter’s first Snowdrop espied.

The first baby bird to greet the morn,
The first leaf to turn red and gold,
The first deep pink rose of the Summer,
The power of Winter’s hold.

The first crowing of the cock at dawn,
The rising of the silver moon,
The dancing, twinkling stars at midnight,
The powerful sun at noon.

These are some of the things to look for,
When life’s troubles seem not to cease,
Because they are the ingredients
Of a recipe for peace.


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