Introduction – A Return

By: Vague


It is now over a year since I left my ‘proper’ job and ventured, quite literally, into the unknown.

I have returned to the shelter I built, to once again spend the Fall out in the woods, along the beaches, across the moors and up the mountains.

I started a blog piece a couple of weeks ago, after my company left to return south to her ‘proper’ job. Unfortunately the blog became turgid, incoherent, rambling and generally rubbish, so it was shelved, never to see the day.

Instead, I went over this piece and drew up a list of bullet points I wanted to write about. It occurred to me that the reason that the original blog had become so dire was that I had been trying to put too much into too small a space.

By writing the list I have effectively made the writing process that much easier (you’ve got to love lists) and normal service should once again resume.

I had intended to write a few pieces over the time since I left the wilderness, especially about my Brittany adventure, but I failed. Probably due to wine.

Hopefully I will be able to furnish these hallowed walls with a few thoughts and notes. I will be out here for a few more weeks so there should be plenty to discuss.

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