Introducing ‘Panning for Soul’

By: Patrick


I am thirty-one years old. I seem to have reached a stage in my life where I am struggling to find meaning in a lot of things that once seemed so important. Not all things. I do not feel depressed, but rather I am finding that in most crucial areas of my life, things just do not feel quite right. I am often bored, and if I am not bored then I am busy and distracted, which is basically the same thing. So I guess I am trying to connect/re-connect with those things that nurture and feed my soul. I like words like soul and find it (along with others that are increasingly under attack by scientific materialism) comforting and important. Lots of people and ideas nurture my soul, while others do harm to it. This blog is an attempt to explore these people and their ideas. I hope to focus on the former much more often than the latter! I also hope to explore some personal ideas and experiences so that it is not exclusively about other people and their ideas. I look forward to seeing how it shapes up and what directions it will end up going in. I feel very excited about writing it. It is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. For some reason, I am at last ready to do it.

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