The Glass Tree

By: Lydia Crow


Originally written for: 2011 Trees for Life Charity Exhibition.


I saw it once, a fleeting glimpse,
With my dreaming eyes;
Its slender branches beckoning,
Reaching for the skies.
I stood there in the flickering dusk,
The tree alone shone bright,
And I felt the glow of its thin, glass limbs;
Struck speechless by the sight.

A moment did I pause there
Before my dream moved on,
But since then I’ve been travelling
To find where I belong;
To find that iridescent tree,
Wherever it may grow,
To fathom every mystery,
To understand and know.

After nine long years I met a man,
We shared a drink or three,
And he told me of the days and nights
He’d spent beneath the tree.
He spoke of thought and memory,
Of the future and the past,
And of the knowledge for which he’d fought
Beneath those boughs of glass.

It’s been many, many years now
Since that vision came to me,
Since I first began my journey
To find that crystal tree;
Since I gave up my life and home
To find that pure release,
And stand again beneath those leaves
In awe, respect and peace.

I know now I will never find
That tree whilst I still live,
But still I’ll keep on searching
Until I have nothing left to give.
But when my weary body tires
Please cross this world of weeds,
And bury me beneath the glass
With a pocketful of seeds.

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