Franchise Success

By: Lydia Crow


“Well I do declare,”
Said the man in first with a bowler hat
And a rigid smile like the Cheshire cat,
“That this here train has got it right.”

“I quite agree,”
Said the businessman with a business case
And an important look upon his face,
“And the engine’s such a pleasing sight.”

“Oh, I concur,”
Said the lady in fur,  on the opposite chair,
With wide brown eyes and perfect hair.
“A delight, my dear, a true delight.”

“Tickets please!”
Said the smiling guard in his smart blue suit
With shiny buttons and his polished boots.
“Come on, we haven’t got all night.”

And on it ran
With no delays or leaf-blocked lines
Or signal problems or stolen signs,
But with due respect to the tabled times
And a wistful sense of auld lang syne,
And with cheerful staff who were always polite.


Toy train company makes child’s play of west coast mainline bid


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