Dear Lydia (Letter from Nigel Downs, General Manager, O2 Academy Brixton)

By: Lydia Crow

ShiverWrigglers may recall Lydia Crow’s letter of complaint to the O2 Academy, Brixton in early December 2012. You can read it online here. Well, Nigel Downs, General Manager at the O2 Academy Brixton, has replied. Here is his response in full:


Dear Lydia,

I can only apologise for not replying to your most elegantly written of complaints dated the 5th December 2012.

Whilst I’m pleased that you enjoyed a fabulous evening with Ben Folds Five, I can only apologise if perhaps your evening was slightly tarnished by what at best can be called an over enthusiastic member of our security team who possibly had good intentions but stretched these a little too far.  I have reiterated that perhaps security staff should allow audiences to find their own spots and only help if requested.

The venues policy is that people of all colour, race, sex, sexuality….and height be treated equally and enjoy the shows together.  My hope is that everyone attending shows at the venue will be made to feel welcome.

I hope that your experience at the hands of one of our maybe overzealous members of security won’t put you off attending shows at the O2 Academy Brixton and that maybe you can find it within your soul to forgive and maybe accept two pairs of complimentary tickets to a show or shows of your choice.  If I can entice you to perhaps give us another chance, perhaps you would like peruse our website ( and see if there are any shows you might like to attend.

Best Regards

Nigel Downs
General Manager
O2 Academy Brixton

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