Seven Years and No Itch

Hello again, friends. Anybody still out there?

Can you believe that it was seven years ago today that ShiverWriggle first emerged, fawn-like, to bask in the sunshine of the World Wide Web? Time flies when you’re everywhere and nowhere.

That’s right; we’re back! It’s been just over two and a half years since our girl took a break, and much has changed. The site has been given a spring-clean and a new suit of clothes. Over half of the original material has now been archived, but you can still find over two hundred individuals posts on these pages.

We’re still working on fully updating the site (we were hoping to be a little further on, but The World happened in the last week), so expect further updates over the coming weeks.

We’ll be rolling out new content in the next few days but, for now, let us just say that it’s a delight to be back. Exciting times!

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