This Is Our World

This relaunch, rebirth perhaps, of ShiverWriggle was planned months ago. Back in the misty realms of 2015, it was agreed that summer 2016 would host The Return, and we would re-enter this maze of the world wide web.

Even just in the intervening months since it was thus decreed, the world seems to have got that little bit darker. Adamantly, as is the ShiverWriggle way, we cling to the sparks of joy and the underlying goodness of the human race. But the world has changed since we exited stage left in pursuit of our hiatus, over two and a half years ago.

Recent political events have shaken people who were previously unshakeable. The world is getting scarier by the day, and just perusing a newspaper is enough to cause little flutters of anxiety. Even the hardiest (or resolutely bloody-minded) of souls have started sporting a furrowed brow occasionally.

If we were living in a novel (and we may well be), then we would have by now reached the closing chapters, where the skies darken and the wind whispers of end times.

We are nearing the final battle of good versus evil. But yea, though we may walk through the shadows of the valley of the darkest night, the dawn is just around the corner.

Despite these apprehensive times in which we find ourselves, we believe in the good, the glad, and not letting the bastards grind us down.

Some of the plans we had for ShiverWriggle post-relaunch now seem a little too near the knuckle. In the coming weeks, we have the return of Our Girl on the Outside, providing poetic commentary on everyday news. Oh, the pressure to perform and provide, in this ever-worrying world.

But it’s not all potential doom and gloom. Starting this week, we have a new addition to ShiverWriggle’s repertoire. A little something for Creates, slipping quietly in the backdoor with no explanation or introduction. Watch this space.

We’ll be providing you all with a new ShiverWriggle View each week, and reintroducing our Shorts. And, for the next few weeks, we’ll also be throwing some Edinburgh Festival Madness write-ups your way.

Remember, we’re always looking for new views and fresh faces, so if you have something you want to share with the world via ShiverWriggle, get in touch.

We need as many voices as possible to join us in our crusade of unstoppable creativity and sheer stubborn determination. We will not go gently into that dark night of fear and spite.

This is our world, and now is the time to reclaim it.

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