Punching Nazis (or, ‘Sorry Mum, It’s Hard To Know What’s Right Anymore’)

By: Lydia Crow


Do not resort to violence,
You must learn to understand.
Try to speak their language,
Don’t draw lines across the sand.

But when violence is their language,
Inciting fear and hate,
Interpretation falters, struggles;
It’s too little or too late.

They will choose their platform,
And I will choose my own.
And I’ll stand firm even as their words
Chill me to the bone.

Surely they will understand,
That I’ve heard their cry of war?
Now, across this broken battlefield,
We know what we’re fighting for.

I’ll try to take them hostage,
Exchanging words in peace;
I’ll try to rehabilitate them all,
Turn them in to the Police.

But if that fails I’ll think again
And, though I know it’s wrong,
I hope you’ll understand that I’m
Just speaking in their tongue.

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